Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May the Stink be with you..

Whether it be by Nature or Nurture, a learned defense mechanism, a reaction to society's polarized politics, or perhaps something to simply stay out of trouble, I've been on the road to becoming a young grump.. An odd but hopefully likable "Hater", if you will.?  I don't necessarily like it all the time, but I'll freely admit it, and it can be funny on occasion..  I'll look at all walks of life with an eye of both self-deprecation, and soap-box like judgement on a somewhat unconscious basis nowadays..  Maybe I always have?  Sometimes I'll hate on the most rare and specific folks as well; the loud, the quiet, the easy going, the risk taker, the debutant, the impatient in convenient store ques, the fit, the Nuns in wheel chairs, the accurate spellers, happy children at play, the suits, the hipsters, the litterers, the bearded and malcontent SciFi & Fantasy illustrator, etc.. but I tell you this not to boast or accuse.. Nae, there are plenty of folks who's hate is far more endearing than my own..  Rather, I'm asking for your help.. To turn my grumpy ridicule into Unity, and I think I've found the way.. =)

Five years ago I moved to Portland, which I'll also admit freely to adore and cherish like the brilliantly lush paradise it is.. but amongst the wonderful scenery, has come some "funny looks" from folks.. What my Pop, and oddly enough Ronnie James Dio's Nana used to call, the "Evil-Eye" (with metal horns blazing), or what I've been affectionately calling "Stink-Eye".. We All do it from time to time, but I've experienced here in Portland, a very specific form of Stink-Eye the likes of which I've never seen.!!    So, here's my idea of Unity through Curmudgeon!! =)  In the last couple months, I've been slowly painting and sketching the Portland Stink-Eye in all of it's glorious manifestations, and in the process of recreating and documenting these brief but memorable moments of righteous indignation, it occurred to me that my hate could be used for good !!  I could sell the Stink-Eye as portraits, and give the money to Charity !!  Any proceeds from my PSE work will go to The Raphael House, an organization formed to fight the problems of, and act as safe house from domestic violence here in the Portland area.. And.. I get to poke fun at my fellow Portland grumps and haters without regard.. without regret.. Saving the Planet one Stink-Eye at a time.. =) 

8x8in. one-off signed printout, w sketched MTG card whiteback - $100
Well, let's start this thing out with a self portrait, as it will show my own inner hater, dishing out an exceptional amount of Stink-Eye!!  I'm up Mt.Tabor every couple of days to jog, it's one of my favorite places on the Sphere, and occasionally I'll wear my Canadian cloth cap..  I'm not Canadian, but I dig Canada..  They used to have public access channels dedicated to indigenous issues, they've a Maple Leaf on their flag, they're home to Decoder Ring Theatre's Red Panda and Flying Squirrel Adventures Podcast, they've poetry and loons on their money, they've better just about everything from healthcare system to comedians, and when politics in the US get so mucked aboot that we start to forget that we're a Democracy here in the States, my inner Canadian peeks oot from behind me cap..  Here he is, as the runic text reads "My inner Canadian, Take off to the Great White North" =)  This original sketch is bound in my sketchbook, so I'm selling the version above in a one-off "artist's proof" print, along with a sketched Magic the Gathering whiteback card for the first in my chronicle of Portland Stink-Eye.!!
Anyone interested in purchasing this quarter's offering, or any of the Stink-Eye filled paintings or sketches to come, please give me a hollah, and may the Stink be with you.. Always.. =)

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