Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh Captain, my Captain..

In light of all the British tele I've been at during this last string of Magic the Gathering paintings, thought I'd have a post on a couple properly posh British Actors this time around, what?  I've done around 4-5 portraits for the Stink-Eye in the last months, but have been tied up with so much work I haven't had time to do the stories justice.  So, in the mean time, we'll take a gander at the likes of Patrick Stewart, and Frank Thornton!  
Capt. Picard Stink-Eye - 23x30cm (9x12")
Coloured Pencil and White Conte'
Currently sans Signature - $75

It turns that Patrick Stewart was signing at the last ECCC, and schemer that I am; I thought I'd do a portrait, get Sir Patrick to sign it, and then auction it off for the Raphael House.  Alas, after I tried my angles of getting his signature without actually standing in line, (of which there was a substantial one, and with Fox Studios forcing a charge of 75 bills at the end of such line?) the signature was never had.  I'll perhaps still try and get a hold of him, as he does a ton of charity work similar to Raphael House, but I'm putting it up for sale, sans signature for the moment..

I'm an enormous Anglophile. (and a big fan of things English as well) (cheek ;)  Always have been.  I've never traveled, so I can't speak to how I'd dig local social structure, or how they'd dig me, but a good quarter of my genetics attached to Britain and Scotland win out when I'm looking for things to fill my sleep deprived mind.  It started long ago when I got my first taste of Monty Python, and The Young Ones broadcast on Detroit's channels 20 and 56, and has since grown to encompass shows like; Sherlock, Misfits, Downton Abbey, Last of the Summer Wine, As Time Goes By (introduced to me by Pam), and lately Love/Hate (Irish), Luther, and Foyle's War, but also years and years worth of listening to BBC Radio1 celebrity presenter shows like Chris Moyles, Rodd Gilbert (RadioWales), and the brilliantly orange funny-man Scott Mills.

Capt. Peacock Stink-Eye - 20x28cm (8x11")
Coloured Pencil and White Conte' - $75
Funny how venues like Netflix, and Hulu have taken the reins in terms of showing media from across the pond, where before Public Television stations buying out previously aired syndication's was solely responsible for our English influences? That's a good thing to remember, were it not for the pre-80's CBC, we would've never saw any of those shows.. In the beginning, along with Faulty Towers, and Black Adder, there was "Are You Being Served".  A show that I would watch religiously, and admittedly fall asleep to on many of those occasions.  The double' entundre' was exceptional, and the cast seemed to show all the personalities of retail, but the differences in low-brow and high-brow were something I'd distinctly not experienced up until meeting Capt. Peacock, played by Frank Thornton.  Thornton was an actual officer and pilot in the RAF during WWII, so the title was fitting.

So posh was Peacock, that he appeared in every other scene as if there was something foul under his beak, and we loved him for it.  After his passing last month, I did this small caricature of him giving the classic posh Stink-Eye to Mrs. Slocombe, or a  Mr. Humphries.

Hope you dig either or both enough for a contribution, remember if one purchases anything from one's Stink-Eye blog, one's earnings are given in full to the Royal Raphael House of Portland, and God Save the Stink-Eye..  =)

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