Sunday, September 28, 2014

Count Stinkula at your service

Count Stinkula, Bela Lugosi
 Graphite on Paper $100
It's been a long time since Portland Stink-Eye has been updated with a new piece. Hell, I'm guessing two Hallows Eves have come and gone. It's been even longer since I've drawn something in graphite with any amount of finish to it, but this one is coming close. This piece began as a short demo in class at the PNCA, to show the graphite sheet method of transfer, and if you're not getting the kind of results in anatomy and proportions that you'd like quite yet, the kind of exacting proportions and detail you can maintain simply by manipulating a photo digitally, then rendering with a tight method of transfer.

So, in honor of October and Halloween 2014, I've drawn this portrait of the Dark King, Ronnie James Dio.  I mean Bela Lugosi!!! Oooooooo.. Bela Lugosi, the Grand Master of Noir, Prince of Evil Vampiric Spookiness, with the kind of mesmerizing Stink-Eye gaze that could make even you give moneys to charity.. Oooooo.. So scary!! Please, someone buy this guy so he'll lay off that eternal Stink-Eye from the corner of my studio. =)

Some good news; more than a couple pieces have sold at Magic the Gathering events for The Raphael House of Portland, I just love it when a plan comes together, and it's great to see all the support streaming about for this mostly stupid and satirical blog of mine. =) Bad news is; I have at least 5 stories that have taken place since the beginning of this blog that need illustrating, but they'll have to wait. How perfectly I've been given the uniquely sour Portland look of disapproval over the last couple months, and how inappropriately and one-sided do I want to portray these random acts of the Stink-Eye. Alas, there's more time for other things, Blessing or Curse.. =)

Much Love & Stay Tuned..

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